The Virgin saga, part two.

So, my last post ended with an attempt to book my ebike, which is a mobility aid, on a virgin east coast train.  Unsuccessfully.  I got a reply from special assistance, who are unable to book me a spot for my bike.

I have attempted to book a place for my bike, however, I have not been able to online.  I booked the ticket through work and there was no option to add my bike to the booking.  My bike is a mobility aid, and I need to take it with me so that I am able to get from Kings Cross to my meeting at the Oval.  I can’t walk far enough to get there on the tube.  I understood from your website that there were 3 or 5 spaces for bikes on your trains? Is this not correct? How are other mobility aids stored?

Apparently different parts of Virgin East Coast are incapable of talking to each other.

Bike storage on our services is in the Train Manager Van at the end of the train and need to be pre-booked. If you require a station wheelchair to help you get to your seat this can certainly be arranged but bikes would need to be stored in the correct places. You can contact our web support team on 03457 225 111 who will be more than happy to check availability of bike spaces on the service you are traveling on and if available book this for you.

The customer service email doesn’t respond for 10 days, special assistance can’t book bike places. The place I book my bike on the train can’t book special assistance. I am really not keen on phoning them to be kept on hold for ages.  I find it stressful, so try to do these things in writing where possible.  Often it isn’t possible. Nevertheless, I thought I’d try one last time to get them to clarify what needed to be done.

What I need is assistance with putting the bike on the train, and with getting it off at the other end. Depending on the proximity of the bike storage to my seat, I may need the station wheelchair.  Just to confirm, are you saying that it is not possible to book my e-bike on this train via special assistance, even though I use it as a mobility aid?

Their ultimate reply:

We can not book bike reservations at Journey Care.

Once you have this booked I am more than happy to arrange assistance getting someone to help you put your bike into storage and assisting you to your seat.

So, I guess there is no option.  I will try calling tomorrow. Update to follow.

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