#DeafMust – Equality and empowerment for deaf people.

Recently Deaf and hard of hearing who I’ll call “deaf” people launched a new campaign called #DeafMust. This comes from the obligation deaf people choose to have in supporting other deaf people and deaf communities. 

We are tired of being discriminated against for being deaf. We plan to create a collective and strategic movement for and by deaf people where we create the change we want to happen. 

Step one (runs until 31st March) is deaf people sharing experiences of discrimination and seeing how common some issues are using Twitter, Facebook or video sites like YouTube This stage also acts as a celebration of our survival in spite of difficult experiences and discrimination. We are building a sense of solidarity. 

I see further steps including identifying common discrimination issues and some strategies and solutions which are already being shared in step one. We can learn from one another’s experiences and maybe create some resources so that all deaf people have access to those ideas. 

We may also want to think about strategic approaches so that we encourage deaf people to do similar things so that what we do has a greater impact in a shorter period of time. We need to think about what skills some people need and others can offer – regional skillshare days and online resources could be really fun as well as useful!  Whatever we do needs to be sustainable, evolving and hopefully something that can become embedded in a range of deaf communities in the UK and beyond.

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